Jeff Collins Ministries

Jeff Collins Ministries

Jeff Collins Ministry is an itinerant ministry of Jeff and Milicent Collins that have been commissioned and sent into the world to preach the good news of our Father to thousands in 50 different countries. Much of Jeff‘s ministry is based in Cyprus and trains evangelist to reach the world for Jesus. Jeff has a desire that everyone would have a passionate and loving encounter with the presence of God that would cause them to walk in the knowledge of the glory of God. Jeff Collins' heart is to preach, teach, equip, empower, and release the body of Christ to live in a personal revival and to receive the abundant life that Jesus provided for us at the cross. Jeff is Harvest Hill Church’s Apostle of Joy, who bubbles over with the joy of the Lord and God’s miracle working power whenever he comes.


Other Missionaries

Manna House

Manna House is a community outreach organization sponsored by local churches and businesses to serve the needs of Midlothian residents. Manna House is dedicated to serving the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of people in crisis. Manna strives to bring hope, encouragement, and stability to those in need as we build a stronger...

EI | European Initiative

European Initiative was started by Jeff and Barbara Serio because oftheir overwhelming concern for the declining spiritual condition of Europe. Inorder to bring spiritual life and hope to Europe, EI strategically sends teams from Americanchurches to serve with local European churches and ministries...